Prickly stick thing

The prickly stick thing outside the Poissant Gallery in Rice Military.  Houston needs more street art lining its boulevards and thoroughfares.



4 thoughts on “Prickly stick thing

  1. The boundaries of the Rice Military neighborhood are Washington Avenue on the north, Memorial Drive on the south, Shepherd Drive on the east, and Westcott Street on the west. Rice Military, which is inside the 610 Loop, is next to Memorial Park.

    The area was named “Rice” as the people who owned it were members of the Rice family; the Rice family included William Marsh Rice, who founded the Rice Institute (now Rice University).

    The term “Military” is a reference to the neighborhood’s bordering of what was once Camp Logan, a World War I-era U.S. Army training camp.

    The area is now mostly upper-middle class.

  2. RICH – the lines of delineation between most urban neighorhoods is grey in Houston. Even though I stated above the side North of Washington is technically Woodcrest. You will see the similar type of residents and dwelling styles in both sides of these imaginary boundaries.

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