A water fountain for all of us

I was returning from a trip to Chicago and saw these little water fountains at Hobby Airport. Nice to see public facility airport designers entice people of all heights to drink Houston’s finest tap water.

hobby airport water fountain

If you are wondering if Houston tap water is safe to drink, it sure is. Take a look at this study: City of Houston Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF) for year 2006.

Houston’s Water is rated Superior!

This report contains information about your drinking water and the treatment and monitoring performed to serve the highest possible quality of water to you.

You can be assured that Superior Drinking Water is being provided to you and approximately 2.7 million other customers in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. In 2006, Houston drinking water met and exceeded all Federal and State standards for safe drinking water. The City of Houston has maintained a five-year record of providing safe and reliable drinking water of Superior Quality. There were no water quality violations for treated water or the water distribution system for 2006. In addition, the city participated voluntarily in the Partnership for Safe Drinking Water to produce water of a quality better than most other water providers in the nation. This report contains information about the presence of contaminants in your drinking water. The presence of these contaminants does not indicate that the water poses a health risk, as all drinking water may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of contaminants.


One thought on “A water fountain for all of us

  1. From the title of this in the RSS feed, I was seriously afraid you found some Texas remnant of segregation. I am very pleased to see the exact opposite. Shew!

    Don’t tell, but I really love Hobby Airport. It’s so retro.

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