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All photos on this blog are captured with my handy dandy phone camera. The BlackBerry Flip 8220 is the best long running phone/camera I have owned.

A few points to note about the photos on is this houston.

  1. I capture some of these images while cruising on my bike,
  2. While running thru parks and trails,
  3. And as I drive around town.
  4. Also, none of the images are cropped.
  5. Each image is framed within the camera screen and
  6. None of the images are retouched or digitally altered after the photo is taken

So what you see is what I originally saw on my phone screen. I add a photo post when I spot an interesting angle on the same old scene around Houston, Texas. (H-Town).

So come back to see them here or sign up for my Spam Free Email subscription.

Blogging Phones I have owned:

  • Sep 2015 – Current : Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Jul 2013 – Sep 2015 : Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Jun 2012 – Jul 2013 : Samsung Galaxy S Blaze
  • Oct 2011 – Jun 2012 : HTC Sensation
  • Oct 2008 – Oct 2011 : Blackberry Flip 8220 – best flip phone I have owned even though I went thru 3 handsets of this model, one a year. 2MP camera
  • Aug 2007 – Oct 2008 : Moto KRAZR. 2MP camera
  • Jan 2007 – Aug 2007 : Motorola V360. 1.3MP camera

v360 phonemotorola-krzr-1.jpg

10 thoughts on “Blog Phone

  1. By the way – I now have a new phone camera that I will be using for these photos as of 16 Aug 2007. Its a Motorola Krazr with a 2MP lens. It has some added features for adjusting light sensitivity, white balance, color tones, and zoom levels.


  2. Hey Pankaj, my Treo 755P only has a 1.3MP lens. Do you know any phones with better than 2MP?

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