METRO Main Street Bus Station

Nice facility and great ambient lighting, but where are the buses?


Did you know Metro now offers the ability to transport Bikes on Buses:

METRO allows cyclists to bring their bikes along when they travel. Our low-floor fleet is being equipped with bike racks to help you navigate congested streets on your way to bike trails, work, school or other destinations. Bicycles can also be stowed on our high-floor buses in the designated baggage compartment. Racks will not be installed on METRO’s articulated buses, and therefore, bicycles will not be permitted to be brought onboard these buses.

  1. Beginning Friday, April 20, 2007, cyclists can stow their bicycle in the designated baggage compartment on all high floor buses. (The compartment is designated with the international bike symbol.) There is no limit to the number of bicycles which can be stowed in the bay.
  2. Bicycle racks will be installed on all low-floor Local buses.
  • Racks can carry a maximum of two bicycles.
  • All Local routes with weekend service will be bike accessible by August 21, 2007.
  • By December 31, all Local buses will have racks installed.

2 thoughts on “METRO Main Street Bus Station

  1. hey man,

    thanks for reminding us all how beautiful houston can be. if we had as many filmmakers and photographers in houston as they do in nyc and other major media cities, people would have a different opinion of houston.

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