Downtown Houston fountain series – Take 1

For this series, I focus on the many water fountains within the CBD. There are a number of them all within walking distance. Currently, these fountains primarily serve as beautiful eye candy- perhaps someday people will gather around and enjoy the evenings at them like they do in other parts of the world.

Fountain at Main St and Preston


Flower fountain wall on Travis and Prairie


Mosaic fountain puddle in Market Square


Refresh yourself at the water spigot across from Cabo in Downtown


Jones Plaza fountain



7 thoughts on “Downtown Houston fountain series – Take 1

  1. Steve- I beg to differ, the downtown fountains provide more than just a bathing spot and handwash for the homeless. They break the monotony of the same sidewalks adjacent to the streets. They give artists a venue to showcase their work. They offer a place relax and enjoy a cool misty breeze on hot windy days. Would you rather have nothing there and just a concrete sidewalk in downtown.

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