Extreme Home?

Checked out the humongous 4500 sqft Extreme Home on Goodhope St. built in the last week.

Isn’t 7 days too fast build a custom home like this:

  • Shouldn’t the concrete foundation cure before loading it with the entire house structure and all those hundreds of volunteers scrambling around?
  • Aren’t the wood wall framing and blown cellulose insulation supposed to dry out before covering up with sheetrock to avoid mold growth?
  • Shouldnt the air conditioning supply and return ducts be sealed during the build to minimize pollutants into the HVAC system?
  • Aren’t wood floors supposed to acclimate to the air conditioned environment for 48 hours in which they will be installed to avoid expansion and contraction.

…and where is the matching 4 car garage?

Extreme Home Makover Houston


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