The sun shines on BP

The Westlake campus of BP’s United States headquarters is a gleaming office complex.

As I was walking up, I saw a marquee in front of the building highlighting the Westlake Solar Project and the energy it has saved. I thought it might have been counting oil barrels drilled or something else spill related.

Then I was told I can’t take pictures of this building so I left. Anyway, if the security gaurds that were writing down my license plate number were wondering what I was doing you can read it here.

BP has an amazing enterprise with the brightest engineers, phenomenal innovation, and unlimited finances… So why can’t they shut down the wellhead at the Deepwater Horizon site with all these resources?
Why does their headquarters office look like a graveyard on a Sunday morning? Are all the staff actually out cleaning up along the gulf? I would have expected to see a bustling office with employees working round the clock to figure out an end to this scenario…


One thought on “The sun shines on BP

  1. For what it is worth, the command center (where folks are working through the weekend) is a different building on the campus… It is the one on the NW corner of Westlake Park Blvd and Grisby

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