Whats Up Cupcake

Parked at the corner of 14th St and Shepherd.


5 thoughts on “Whats Up Cupcake

  1. Please come and see this 1954 Boles Aerostream trailer. Totally renovated. Im at the corner of 14th and sShepard permanently. I have 6 very delicious types of cupcakes.
    1. Organic Chocolate Truffle
    2. Strawberry Berry Berry good!
    3. Red Velvet Explosion!
    4. Butter cake with Chocolate Frost
    5. Chocolate cake with Butter cream Frost
    6. Vanilla Nilli Vanilla
    YUMMY YUMMY and FABULOUS, Come and see the incredible transformation of this saved trailer from hurricane IKE. See you soon….

  2. The people on Yelp said you would be taking up permanent residence at Cedar. Is this incorrect?

    What are your hours? I tried going by Cedar and14th/Shepherd at 7pm, but there was no trailer to be found.

  3. Are you there today, Thursday Feb 4–cloudy, but not raining? I don’t want to drive that far to find no one there. Please respond.

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