SYSCO at The Grove?

We all know The Grove, the premiere restaurant at Discovery Green, prides itself on its eco-friendly structure, which I applaud.  But what about eco-friendly food.  Hopefully they will use more local ingredients from their own garden and local farms instead of resorting to the rock bottom processed food supplier – SYSCO… Does the Grove care to explain the SYSCO benefits?



4 thoughts on “SYSCO at The Grove?

  1. Technically it could be where they get only their plastic wrap, toilet paper, brooms, et al.

    No reason to just jump to conclusions that they’re getting pre-breaded chicken strips from Sysco. They’ve set out to be eco-friendly and I’d prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their produce suppliers.

  2. This is still a funny picture. The Houston restaurant industry is one of the best in the nation in regards to the diverse cuisine and price range.

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