Another building topping out

Spotted another tree placed on top of this steel frame building under construction on I-10 West.


The tree, usually a small pine, is of Greek origin. Mythology, To appease the forest gods that the wood used has not been killed (destroyed) that is if a tree god were to fly over the location he/she, it would see the “tree top” still alive. And the tree isn’t placed on the house after construction; it’s placed on the roof after the roof is papered,(weather tight) and removed after the home is CO’ed (recieved its’ Certificate of Occupancy)

Source: a random forum post that seems legit


2 thoughts on “Another building topping out

  1. My husband (who’s in construction) says the tree is put up when all the steel work is done on a building. In other words, the building won’t be any taller than it is now.

  2. I never knew this. I love facts like this. I probably have about 50 years of life left in me; in that time, I will tell this tree fact on thousands of occasions.

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