Taco trucks

A homage to the Taqueria Trucks of Houston. I love the artwork that adorns these trucks.

Tacos D Mundo – on Harrisburg East of Downtown Houston

Taqueria Mi-Tinos – Updating the menu – on Houston Ave

Taqueria Los Mexicanos – Harrisburg near the Railroad tracks

El Taconazo – parked on Staff Sergeant Marcario Garcia Drive (69th St) near Navigation

El Taco Del Gordo – last spotted rolling Eastbound on I-10 near Kirkwood

Elotes La Estrella – parked in front of the Fiesta on Fulton

Taqueria El Regio – At the intersection of Market St and Federal Road

Pollos Asados Al Carbon – this one is smoking!

Que Pollaso! – Where old school buses go to die.

Don Chenchos Taqueria – on Lawndale near Telephone – also know as little Mexico

Taqueria El Primo – Lots of cheap tacos at this one

El Regio Antojitos – the location of the propane tanks on the back of this one is not a smart move by this vendor

Taqueria Anabel – On Shepherd just north of I-10 – at least the propane tank on this one is on the front of the trailer

Taqueria El Quetzal – this one features a beautiful painting of Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala. This truck usually hopping between construction sites in Hyde Park/Montrose.

Hopefully, Houston wont go the way of LA and New Orleans issuing bans on these mobile caterers.

Which ones have you been to?


10 thoughts on “Taco trucks

  1. Mobile tacos and burritos and burritos are the best! its got that extra spice of houston city dust as an added flavor. 🙂
    Helps you put some hair on your chest…yeah! And super cheap too.

  2. Love your collection of photos! These taqueria trucks always get my attention too. Which explains my “girlish figure” haha.

  3. I am American and so are these Taqueria owners. Dont tell me McCain has eaten Mexican food in Phoenix cooked by an illegal immigrant there!

    1. I was on my bike riding around, so I didnt keep up with the addresses, but if you just drive around those streets I mention, your bound to run it a bunch. I need to do another followup edition cause I have seen so many more since then.

  4. If you need a place to park your taco truck, I have a spot for lease on my Car Wash lot. Address is 1707 Spring Cypress Rd., Spring, Texas 77388 281-288-3001. Very busy steet one block from I-45.

  5. i was on ur page and was wanten 2 buy a truck 4 myslf…if u know were i can find 1 please email me and let me know….thxs

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