City of Houston goes Solar

City of Houston Code Enforcement office put in a few solar photovoltaic panels recently. According to the City of Houston website, this 12 KW solar panel system was donated by BP. What you see here are 40 panels facing south which will only generate a small fraction of this building’s daily energy needs.

With the cost of entry so high for Solar, we just need to get the City of Houston and State of Texas to start Renewable Energy rebates for solar and wind systems here in Houston. They already have similar rebates in place in Austin and San Antonio.

Would you pay $12,000 to $24,000 dollars to install a residential solar system that would only offset about 25-35% of your electricity usage annually?


One thought on “City of Houston goes Solar

  1. My name is James, and I’m in the process of starting a Houston based Solar Panel Company. I am currently lining my ducks in a row, and have a few concerns about how the Homeowners Associations will bite this field. I know Houston has one of the strongest HOA in existance, so what ammunition does a guy like myself have? Should I play dirty and call them Non-eco-friendly foes, or is there any real way to get at this? Also what other plans does Houston have in making Houston a more Solar friendly city? Thanks – James

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