Our House, in the middle of our street

Every so often I see old dilapidated houses that were lifted off their original location and are in transit across the inner streets of Houston to their new resting spot. Last night I spotted this heap rolling over the Shepherd overpass on Allen Parkway and bouncing over the railroad tracks just North of Washington Ave.

All the while as the wide load rolled down Shepherd a few bits siding and a some bricks were falling off the house and the cleanup crew following the house were stopping and picking up the debris.

Why not recycle all the building materials off the house and then restore it in its original location, rather than move it around sacrificing its structural integrity as its transported to some other location?




One thought on “Our House, in the middle of our street

  1. dude, you know they moved that heap so they could build condos … the owners were probably sleeping inside when Mayor White showed up with his forklift …

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