Houston Newspapers

Does Houston really need another free publication.


Have you read any of these lately?

  1. Envy
  2. The Employment Guide
  3. The Examiner
  4. solo autos (Espanol)
  5. Gloss
  6. Paper City
  7. Skirt
  8. Yellow
  9. Health and Fitness Sport
  10. Semana
  11. 002houston
  12. Intown
  13. Greensheet
  14. Houston House and Home
  15. Houston Press
  16. Houston Tribune
  17. Bueno Suerte (Espanol)
  18. Rumbo (Espanol)
  19. Se Vende (Espanol)
  20. El Dia (Espanol)
  21. Auto Mart
  22. Out Smart
  23. Nu Image

5 thoughts on “Houston Newspapers

  1. Well thanks to a new city ordinance that took effect January 1st, there are going to be fewer free pubs. And they are to be a certain color, heighr, and weight requirement. Houston Press led the pack in coforming to the ordinance, by the way! It should be city wide by the end of the year. Currently it only applies to downtown.

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