Theatres > Hollywood | Heights | Majestic Metro | Alabama | River Oaks

A few images of the retro theatres in the Loop.

The Hollywood Video theatre on Westheimer near Montrose.


The old town theatre in the Historic Heights.

heights theatre

The Majestic Metro in Downtown Market Square.

majestic metro

And the following two(Alabama and River Oaks Theatres) are causing much debate in the community by Weingarten Realty’s recent announcement for new plans for these two shopping centers. A few folks have even started a petition to voice their opinion against Weingarten proposal.

The Alabama theatre, now operating as a BOOKSTOP.


And the River Oaks Theatre, still showing films on the big screen under the auspices of Landmark Theatres.


Did I miss any other retro theatres inside the Loop?


5 thoughts on “Theatres > Hollywood | Heights | Majestic Metro | Alabama | River Oaks

  1. The original name of the “Hollywood” Theater was the Tower Theater. It only became “Hollywood” when the movie rental chain took over the building.

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