Are there more ghosts out there?

A few months ago I spied a Pac-Man ghost made out of tiles and pasted on a curb. Today I spotted a couple more. Have you seen any?

West Gray and Montrose – Red Ghost


In front of the Hot Bagel Shop – San Felipe and Shepherd – Black Ghost


The first one I spotted on the corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy



13 thoughts on “Are there more ghosts out there?

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  2. I really like the “tone” of your site.

    Professional, totally sharp images have their place, but you are showing the camera phone as the next Holga.

    Neat stuff!

    -=- Jerry -=-

  3. I have seen those and I THOUGHT it was so strange.. near Cafe Brazil… Maybe is band? or some local artist trying to make himself known…

  4. There’s another ghost on the side of the bridge over Allen parkway at the intersection of Allen and Waugh. It’s dark blue, like how the ghosts look when you eat a super-pellet.

  5. I spotted a ghost on the southwest corner of Greenbriar and Bissonnet, and also the one you mentioned on Montrose and West Gray. I was wondering how many of them there were. I’ll have to check out the ones you’ve found!

  6. When I searched last year for these ghosts, I was unsuccessful on finding any logs or history on them.

    Let me know if you spot anymore.

  7. Wow, I was just searching for pics of ghosts on google and the pic at the top with Shaw’s jewelry came up. The street looked familiar so I looked more closely. I just happened to notice that my freaking car was in the pic!!! The silver mazda3 with the Yakima rack and tinted windows. What are the freaking chances! Sorry, just had to say how random that was.
    Blake- a Houston cyclist

  8. I noticed these PAC MAN ghost about 4 years ago when i lived in West U. There used to be one on the corner of UNIVERSITY AND KIRBY until a yr and half ago. Construction erased it. i have found them as far as Westhiemer and POST OAK.. that one as well is gone now… i have started photographing them… i have found one in the HEIGHTS, many in the MONTROSE … this web blog is the first thing i came across. IF anyone finds out who, why, what about them please email me …. i really want to know … cause i can testify they have been around for many years.

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