Classic cars

…from the Pattison Car Show.

1961 AC Bristol


50’s Chevrolet Corvette


1971 Ford Torino


Late 50’s pickup – gas tank in bed of truck


Early 50’s model car made from scrap body parts



2 thoughts on “Classic cars

  1. My six year old son and I were at the annual Auto Show (I go every year) last February and got to see this item close up. In fact, the sons of the person who built this car from scraps/scratch, let my boy sit in it for some pictures. The car and the pictures are fantastic. I am not sure how many years passed from when it was first built until they restored it, but I believe it was 35. They did a great job. I really need to post one of my pictures to show some other shots. They told me what car (and plumbing) parts were used. If you guys are reading this thanks for letting my son and I share.

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