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Photojojo Cell Phone Lenses – A comparison of the Fisheye, Macro and Wide

Recently, I purchased a set of camera phone lenses from Photojojo that fit onto most phone cameras.  The set includes a Fisheye, Macro and Wide-angle lenses for $40.

Photojojo phone camera lens kit with my beatup BlackBerry Flip

Photojojo phone camera lens kit with my beatup BlackBerry Flip


  • Great photos from your phone
  • These are small enough to fit in your pocket with your phone and come with covers for both sides of the lens.
  • Quickly attach over your lens with the magnetic base on the lenses
  • Magnetic lens covers with lanyard so you can safely keep these secure with your keys, bag or in your purse, etc..


  • Hard to hold since so small.
  • If you arent using the included magnetic ring mounts on your camera, have to hold steady so the lenses dont fall off when you move the camera around quickly.
  • Have to remove the lens each time from your camera when putting back in your pocket.
  • Taking photos with your phone is not as inconspicuous with these attached.
  • Fisheye lens has a bit of distortion at the edges with causes you to capture the inside of the lens

See for yourself below in a comparison of images with these lenses and the basic phone camera lens and look for more of these incorporated into Is This Houston?

Basic Camera Lens

Phone Camera lens - no adaptorPhone Camera lens - no adaptor







Phone Camera with Wide-angle Lens

Phone Camera with Wide angle lensPhone Camera with Wide angle lens







Phone Camera with Fisheye Lens

Phone Camera with Fisheye lensPhone Camera with Fisheye lens

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